Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Life is like a train
Which travels every station
But the fact is that
It never comes back.

Life is like a rain
Which falls from the sky
By saying to everyone goodbye.

Life is like a book
Which behaves like a friend
But one day it comes to the last page
Where it is written THE END.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Opinion

My exams are over,
But I still don't have time
to rest.
Mummy always says, do this,do that,
She wants me to be the world's best.
Teachers give a lot of homework,
And wants it to completed fast.
That way the holidays are over,
And there are no time to play or chat.
Music, painting and so on,
Through the year they run.
Now tell me when I will play ?
Is there any other way ?

My Dear Father

When I was born
I started to cry
It was my Father who made
My tears dry.
He holds me and comforts me
My father's strong, guilding and caring,
Loving, warm and shoring
He helps me in many ways
His love gets me through the worst of days.

My father is my best friend
In difficult times he helps me till the end.


When I look at the sky
I hast to die.

When I look at the moon,
I forgot the sun shining in the noon.

When I look at nature's beauty,
I remember all my duty.